Meet Dr. J.B. Ward

After experiencing a cancer diagnosis, Dr. Ward  witnessed first-hand the deep connection between physical and emotional suffering and healing. While having trained in both hospital and clinical settings as a clinical psychologist, she is now in private practice as a mind and body therapist in and around Nashville, TN. 

The Mind + Body Difference

Dr. Ward combines traditional talk psychotherapy with body practices such as meditation, yoga (RYT-200 certified teacher), and biofeedback. Treatment plans are collaborative and based on short- or long-term goals, current level of need, and other practical considerations. 

Meeting You Where You Are

Dr. Ward not only takes the time to get to know your individual needs, style, and strengths to 'meet you where you are,' today, she also offers concierge counseling options including out-of-office sessions, or secure internet- or phone-based sessions.